Monday, 3 October 2022

28mm Late Romans

I meant to post these pictures at the end of September, but real life got in the way.

Saga and Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB) seem to have emerged as a focus of interest at the club, with several members building up Dark Ages forces.  I already had the basics of a 4pt Saga Late Roman force, so have beefed it up with some additional forces to a 6+ Saga force, which will provide the core of a WAB force in due course.

Some elite Gothic cavalry (heavy shock cavalry or cataphracts depending on how I'm feeling).  Gripping Beast plastics provide 12 figures, so 3x4 Hearthguard or 1x8 Warrior and 1x4 Hearthguard.

All 12 figures.

A bit more detail.

A pack of 12 light cavalry, armed with assorted bows and javelins.  I could use these as 1x12 Levy or an 8x12 Warrior unit with some spares.

More detail on a couple of the figures.

A unit of armored pedites, 1x8 Warriors or 2x4 Hearthguard.

A unit of unarmored pedites, 1x8 Warriors.

A unit of sagittarii, 1x8 Warriors.

Another unit of sagittarii, 1x8 Warriors.

A unit or unarmored pedites, 1x8 Warriors, in vermillion tunics.

A foot command group of general (Warlord) with a signifer/draconarius and cornicen. 

The signifer/draconarius and cornicen.

The general.

Next steps are to finish painting up two units of heavy shock cavalry and I have a second box of the Gripping Beast plastics infantry to double the size of the infantry units - although I will need another box as each unit is likely to need at least 24 figures for WAB, possibly more.  I also plan to make up some Limitani using the Dark Age Warriors plastics set and will add a box of Cataphractoi at an upcoming show.  Might even try to convert the Victrix African war elephants for use by a Late Roman army.  Oh, and some bolt throwers will come in handy.

Thanks for looking.