Sunday, 9 October 2022

Late Roman heavy cavalry

 Several years ago, I bought a bag of Late Roman cavalry from a friend at the club.  Finally, the armored versions made it on to the painting table.  Troopers and horses appear to be Gripping Beast metals (thanks for feedback in the comments), but I cant find a source for the chap in cloak that I'm using as the signifer.  Spears are from various Gripping Beast plastics, as too is the labarum.

The complete unit.

The signifer with hand painted labarum showing the chiro symbol.  It has never occurred to me before that churches carry religious icons based on third century Roman military rallying signs.

Some of the troopers - a tough looking bunch, hopefully.

So, plans are afoot for more cavalry (the unarmored figures I bought alongside these), infantry (at least two more Gripping Beast boxes), limitani/foederati using GB dark age warriors and a box of the GB cataphracts.  I also have a crazy idea to use the Victrix war elephants with a suitable Late Roman crew.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Both riders and horses are Gripping Beast.

    1. Thanks Neil, I've amended the text above, although I still can't find a figure resembling the guy in the cloak.

      Cheers, Andy

    2. Late Roman command conversion - head swap?

    3. Don't think so - they were bare metal and I couldn't see any signs of a swop. Think it's an original casting.