Saturday, 26 January 2013

USMC 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade 1985

Hi folks, it's been a long slow process getting my Christmas present painted and based and I've still got a fair bit to wrap up, but here are the first few bases mounted up and more or less ready for the table.

 Two companies of Heroics and Ros LVTP-7s plus a spare and a Scotia mine clearing LVTP-7 CATFAE on the larger base, painted in my version of the USMC version of MERDC.
 The mine clearing LVTP-7 CATFAE - the Scotia vehicles are slightly chunkier than the H&R version.
 Detail of the LVTP-7s.
One LVTP-7 in more detail.
 Marine tank company, possibly a little overstrength, comprising 4 H&R M60A1s.
 More side on view of the tank company.
 Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) Batallion, 4 Cos of H&R LAVs, 4 platoons of H&R LAV TOWs and 2 of LAV Ms.
 LAV company.
 Two platoons of LAV TOWs.
Two platoons of LAV Ms.
 Medium range air defence in the form of iHAWK SAMs - yes I know they should be towed batteries with M35 tows, but no one makes the non-armoured versions.
 Side on views of the iHAWKs.

 M88 and M728 CEVs by Skytrex.
 Open topped M35s - logistics support by Scotia.
 M88 (Skytrex), LVTP-R recovery vehicle, M35 and broken-down LVTP-7 (all by Scotia) - all destined to be part of the workshop, repair and maintenance unit aiming to get any damaged armour back in the game pronto.
Detail of the repair and maintenance units.  I really like the Skytrex LVTP-R
 H&R M35s, this time with covered tops, again part of the logistics section.
 Battalion HQ - M151 jeep is actually a temporary mount for the photo - it's really a TOW mounted vehicle from the ATGM company until my basic Mutts are painted (all infantry H&R).
 Infantry recce platoon.
 The whole battalion.
 Leg infantry company - Dragon teams at the back.
81mm mortar and 0.5 HMG platoons from the support company.

That's it for now.  On the workbench - well my kitchen table - is the Air Wing, painted and waiting for decals, rotors - 6 UH-1s, 2 CH-53s, 4 CH-46s and 3 AH-1s, fixed wing - 3 A-6 Intruders, 3 F-4 Phantoms, 3 AV-8B Harriers and 2 NA Broncos.  There are also a pair of Ch-47s and A-10 Warthogs from the USAF.  I've still got to finish two more infantry battalions, a recce company and some odds and ends including an M60AVLB, the MEDEVAC (almost done, just need to paint up a pair of Hummer ambulances), Supply and Repair and Maintenance bases.  If anyone can point me in the direction of good images of USMC supply and repair and maintenance units in the field, I'd be grateful.


  1. Very good Andrew, I like the idea of the MEDEVAC and other dioramas. I don't have specific pics of the USMC examples you're looking for but I do have a link for a photo album that shows repair and maintenance etc - its from the 1970's but might have something that's of use. If I get time I might add some diorama pieces for my next WWII game - thanks for the inspiration.



    1. Thanks Richard. That link is great, nice to see lots of heavy equipment in use and some good ideas for a field repair diorama. Also some really good tanks through the ages at the end from the Aberdeen proving ground. That's a great resource, thanks. Also liked the photos of the open days, the fashions and the cars take me back! My MEDEVAC is going to be a tent, helipad with UH-1 and a pair of Hummer ambulances on a scenic base.