Monday, 8 April 2013

1/300 scale Drilling Rig for Arctic Strike scenery

Well, after much debate, lots of soul searching, frantic scouring of the garage for raw materials, and a whole bunch of procrastination, I figured it was time to get moving on the promised oil drilling platform due to be seen stacked outside Bodo harbour in the upcoming Arctic Strike game this coming weekend.

So, here she is - the "Ocean Fortune" (made up name bearing no similarity to any existing vessel or platform of a similar name).  Legs are dowel rod from B&Q, deck is 4mm mdf sheet, derrick is plastrut and cardboard strips, infrastructure is balsa/pine offcuts, base is a bit of random hardboard I had lying around.

Sea scape is Vallejo desert basing medium applied with a house brush, washed with Vallejo dark sea blue and dry brushed with the house brush again in Vallejo white.  Legs and base of deck are in B&Q Colours Tangerine Dream, deck is Vallejo Gunship Green, helideck in Vallejo Uniform Green with Tamiya yellow markings.  Derrick is Tamiya NATO black, infrastructure in Vallejo white with windows and doors in Tamiya NATO black.  All varnished in Wilkinsons matt acrylic varnish, which is still drying in the photos.

Not the most professional of models, but I like it - as the first attempt at a bit of scratch model making in c. 35 years, I did better than I feared.  So, who's up for a duel between US Marine Force Recon and Soviet Spetsnaz for the observation vantage point from the top of the derrick - or is it too exposed a location to be any use militarily?

Thanks for looking!


  1. Looks great Andy, the waters look suitably cold too (which is just how it feels this morning in Lancashire!)



  2. That's a rockin' piece of kit - Arctic Strike will look ace :)