Wednesday, 15 May 2013

British 3rd Infantry Division D-day assault brigade

After the last post of the 27th Armoured Brigade, here is the 8th Infantry Brigade from 3rd British Infantry Division, based for Blitzkrieg Commander and ready to land on Sword beach.  The figures are Adler and the vehicles are all Heroics and Ros.  These were all painted and based several years ago and are, I think, too dark, as I used a black undercoat and didn't lighten the colours enough.  These days I prefer a white undercoat as this seems to brighten the colours making them more realistic.  Either way, I don't fancy repainting them and they do the job fine.  When time/finance allows, I might add another brigade and will paint them up in my preferred style.

On the right is the 1st Batt The South Lancashire Regt, then the 2nd Batt The East Yorkshire Regt and, on the left is the 1st Batt The Suffolk Regt.  The Brigade CO is lower left, along with a FAO stand.  Top left is the 3rd Division CO along with the Divisional HQ defence company.  Along the top right is a company from the 2nd Batt The Middlesex Regt, a heavy MG and mortar battalion.
 1st Batt S Lancs - 4 companies of three infantry platoons with, on the right, a 3" mortar platoon and carrier plus the carrier platoon and, at the back a pioneer platoon in M3/M5, the batt HQ and a 6pdr platoon with Loyd carrier.  The assault wave would comprise the HQ, 4 infantry companies plus mortar and pioneers with the remainder, including transports, landing in follow-up waves.  I'd planned to carry each assault battalion in 6 LCAs.
 The 2nd Batt E Yorks, organised as above - also an assault unit.
 1st Batt Suffolks, organised as above, landed as follow-up troops following the initial assault.
 The brigade CO and FAO stand.
 Detail of HQ stand.  I modelled this with an HQ command strip of figures plus an Austin Tilly light truck and a Humber 4x4 utility vehicle and a Jeep.
 The FAO stand, a bloke with a cap and binoculars, plus a radio op and a universal carrier.
 3rd Division CO and HQ defence company.
 The 3rd Div CO stand - a command strip of figures plus a Dorchester ACV, Bedford Office Body truck and Jeep.
 Detail of two of the assault infantry companies.
 A 3" mortar stand with universal carrier transport.
 The MG and mortar company from the 2nd Batt The Middlesex Regt, three Vickers MG stands in universal carriers plus a 4.2" Mortar stand and Loyd carrier.
 The 4.2" mortar stand in more detail.
 The entire brigade battlegroup.

So, next up will be the supports (artillery & AT) and attached units (1st Special Service Brigade), plus LCAs, LCMs and LCTs.  Also need to photograph the attached "funnies" from 79th Armoured Div.

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