Friday, 28 June 2013

6mm ACW Confederates finished

The glue on the flags is finally dry, so here are a couple of hasty photos of the confederates.  I don't have enough space to set them out as a proper battle line so here they are formed up in columns line abreast, flanked by mounted cavalry and screened by skirmishers.  The flags are from Baccus with each command stand mounting a national flag and a state flag - Texas on the right and Virginia on the left.

I think it's only when I see a whole bunch of figures en mass that I'm pleased with the result.  I like the feeling of mass, despite the small stature of the individual models.  I'm really looking forward to playing some scenarios with these - squaring off a couple of divisions on a 6x4ft table should look really good.

Here they are in a fairly cramped double line deployed over some Kallistra hills.
 Some of the boys from Virginia, deployed around an artillery battery.

I'm really pleased with these, so back to the painting table to rattle off the next batch.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Hi Andy,

    Looking good, and you're right about the mass effect of 6mm. I did some 1:1 scale Roman Centurys once which do look pretty impressive. Though I did stop short of doing a 1:1 scale phalanx!



  2. Hi Andy,

    They look great. The mass effect of 6mm does look good. Remember seeing some Baccus stuff en masse and thinking how impressive they looked. I think thats why 6mm Napoleonics seems to be making a come back.


    Richard P

  3. Cheers guys, can't wait to get these in action on the table. I'm hoping Rick, my federal opposition at the club, will be getting back to his 6mm gear after Gauntlet, which is next weekend by the way.

    Thanks again,


  4. My 28mm Royalists are finished (or will be after a coat of Dip and matt varnish that is), and my few Saga models are nearing completion, so I'm definately thinking about it....

    The army looks good Andy!