Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, all the best for 2014!

I hope Santa was kind to you all.  He certainly was generous to me, I have a Warlord Games English Civil War Battalia to paint, along with a Gripping Beast 6 pt Anglo-Danish Army, as well as a host of 6mm Heroics and Ros, including the makings of a WW1 British force, various WW2 odds and ends to finish off units and the makings of a 1980's modern French force.  He also bought me Max Hastings' "Catastrophe", which I will enjoy reading once my eyes are back to normal.

Unfortunately, I've had a recurrence of my eye problems and spent the early hours of Sunday 22nd in Casualty and the morning of Monday 23rd at the Eye Clinic, having my eye debrided .... again!  Fortunately, my sight began to come back on Christmas Eve and was significantly better for Christmas Day, so Santa gave me the best present ever.  The latest theory from the clinic is that I may have developed a sensitivity to cyanoacrylate glues (Superglue), which is a pity as I work with the stuff as well as use it for the hobby, so will now have to wear safety specs and use gloves when handling the stuff - probably sensible precautions anyway!

So, an entire holiday with no reading, driving or model-making/painting.  Telly just isn't as good as it was back in the 70's!  Still, it meant I had lots of time to help my lad with his new toys, although the Wii games were beyond me.

So, when I get back to painting, I'll be wrapping up the 6mm Soviet Motor Rifle Regiment.  Then it will be on to the Andreivian Turk irregular forces (some Under Fire Miniatures Chechens and plastic Mujahideen) ready for the Crisis Point game in April.  I'll also be fitting in some 6mm 1980's French for the game at Broughton in September.  In between times, the Saga warband and Warlord Battalia will be slotted in as and when.

So, hope you all had a great holiday season and look forward to catching up in the New Year.

All the best and thanks for looking.



  1. Happy New Year Andy, hope the eye improves soon.


  2. Glad to hear that they might have found a cause of the eye problem. Someone who has a sensitivity to CA said that the cheap versions were the worst.

  3. Thanks guys. Will, that would fit my situation, I bought several cheap tubes in a £ store and they are really runny giving off lots of odour. Needless to say, they are going in the bin and I'm back to my regular brands.

  4. Hi Andy,
    Happy New Year mate. Great news that they have probably found the cause of your eye problems. I bought a pack of 10 tubes from a well known pound store and I must say they did have a lot stronger odour than the regular brands. I got a copy of Great War Spearhead in anticipation of the new Baccus range so thats another period to add to the list of games. You forgot 6mm ACW on your to do list for 2014! Look forward to seeing your French take shape.
    Take care
    Richard P

  5. Hi Richard

    Yes forgot to mention the ACW in 6mm. Still got lots of Adler figures to paint up. I too got a copy of GWSH and there were some H&R WW1 infantry, cavalry and heavy weapons in the latest delivery from H&R, although those Baccus figures are looking good. I quite fancy doing some early French for the battles of the frontiers - still wearing blue coats and red trousers must be a fine sight.