Monday, 10 March 2014

Rigid raiders and rubber boats

These are the rigid raiders and rubber inflatables that I painted up for my 1985 USMC forces last year.

First up on the right we have three rigid raiders with passengers and crew from Scotia ship to shore range (STS053) plus, on the left, a rigid raider with crew and LMG (Scotia STS054).

Next up on the left, three 10-12 man rubber boats from Scotia neutral equipment range (NE018) and, on the right a 10-12 man rubber boat with LMG (NE019)..
 More detailed comparison of rigid raider on the left with the rubber boat on the right, both with crew and passengers.  The rigid raider is overall a more detailed model, whereas the rubber bot crew tend to be a bit blobby and its down to the paint job as to how credible the figures look.  As you can probably guess, I much prefer the rigid raider model.

Thanks for looking.

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