Wednesday, 16 July 2014

15mm WW2 British infantry

Not a lot happening on the painting table at the moment.  I've been putting together various Plastic Soldier Company kits that I picked up at various shows, so they will need painting up shortly.  I've been putting together the makings of a British infantry company for FoW games at the club, based mainly on various Skytrex packs that I bought probably 20 years ago or so, with some Peterpig and Battlefront figures, mainly specialist troops and crews respectively.

1st platoon, 6 stands of infantry, one each command, PIAT and 2" mortar stand.

3" mortar platoon, 6 stands of mortars, 2 observer teams and command.

Some very old Battlefront 6pdrs with command and PIAT team.

2 Sniper teams.

2nd platoon
 3rd platoon
 4th platoon

Vickers MG platoon, 4 MG stands and command.

4.2" heavy mortar platoon, 4 mortars, 2 observers and command.

Pioneer platoon, 3 pioneers and command

25pdr battery, 4 guns, 2 observers, command and staff team

17pdr battery, 2 guns plus command

Pheasant 17pdr battery, 2 guns plus command

2nd 25pdr battery, 4 guns, 2 observers, command and staff team plus a Universal Carrier observer vehicle.

The staff team, a despatch rider hands over an urgent fire request.

As above.

When I finish the Shermans and Cromwells I've been putting together, I'll post pics of the British armour.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Nicely done Andy! Might even have a late-war use for them in a campaign near Berlin once Phil finishes Africa.....

  2. Thanks Rick. Some of them should be in action tonight, Steve is borrowing them for an FoW game Phil is organising. Looking forward to the Berlin campaign, sounds interesting.
    Cheers, Andy

  3. "Not a lot happening on the painting table". Haven't you got a division of H&R stuff ready to paint before the weekend ;-)
    Great work as always.
    Richard P