Sunday, 31 August 2014

Revell 1/144 scale Typhoon

I happened to call in to Hobbycraft on August Bank Holiday and impulse purchased this little kit for the princely sum of £2.  On opening the box, I was at first a little disappointed as the parts seemed really flimsy, there was a lot of flash and the parts were connected to the sprue by thick and chunky feeds.  However, the flash was easy to clean up with a craft knife and the chunky sprue connecters were easily filed down.  I found the kit straightforward but fiddly to put together, largely due to my sausage fingers.  In particular, the rockets are really fiddly and required some adept use of a pair of tweezers.

Once assembled (I used Humbrol polycement), I undercoated in Vallejo light grey primer, then painted the underside in light sea grey and the upper surfaces in medium sea grey with a tiny drop of Prussian blue added.  Reflective green cammo patterns were added and the wheels, prop, exhaust manifolds and cockpit bubble canopy painted in NATO black.  Yellow prop tips were added along with white fins on rockets and reflective green rocket bodies.  The cockpit was then painted in azure blue and white.  I added the decals supplied - again fiddly, but no problems - and used a matt varnish to seal paint and decals.  Finally, a gloss varnish for the canopy.

This should provide some much needed air cover for my FoW British companies.

The model with the box it is supplied in.

Looks OK to me!

Another view.

I then had an experiment with the camera settings to see what I could achieve with depth of field.  This picture was taken in manual mode with aperture priority set to F15, which allowed a 1/15th second exposure time, about the slowest shutter speed for hand held work.  The picture has much better depth of field, but the colours are more washed out than the others above, which I took on full auto macro mode.

I do like the extra depth of field though, this should help with photographing my 6mm/1:300 collections for the future, although I'll have to look at the lighting again.

As ever, thanks for looking.


  1. I was looking at these kits the other day (a lot more than two pounds over here), and was very tempted. I like the Typhoon and you have done a great job on this one.

  2. Thanks SoY. As I said is was unimpressed on first look inside the box, but the kit went together pretty easily and painted up nicely, so I'd recommend them.
    Cheers, Andy