Sunday, 21 December 2014

20mm Snatch Land Rover unit

This weekend I managed to get a few things wrapped up, in an attempt to get the kitchen table cleared ready for Christmas.  I added the last Snatch Land Rover conversion, painted up the same as the others but with black squares painted on the drivers/passengers doors and a black patch on the bonnet/hood.  I also tried out an ink/matt varnish wash, which worked really well as the varnish appears to have stopped the ink running off the model, giving it a dusty/dirty look that I quite like.  I also painted up three minimi gunners from Britannia, which completes the unit and provides transport for a platoon of infantry.

I now just have one Viking and one Mastiff model to complete, to fill all the transport requirements for my British in Afghanistan.  This will give me the choice of Snatch Landrovers, Viking APCs or Warrior IFVs for platoon mobility, together with a Mastiff for a mine clearance detachment.

Thanks for looking.


  1. They look great, like the ink/varnish wash.

  2. Thanks Richard. They came out alright in the end. Now to come up with a good argument to get them into Andreivia.
    Cheers, Andy