Thursday, 1 January 2015

15mm Matchbox Coyote conversion

Happy New Year everyone.  Let's hope 2015 is a great one!

Just before Christmas I converted these two Matchbox Coyote vehicles.  The open rear engine compartment and open side windows were covered with plasticard.  A balsa block and pair of HMGs (actually removed from the Corgi Jackals) were added to the roof to form a twin barreled remote HMG turret.  Undercoated light grey and painted light brown with flat earth splodges edged with chocolate (it was Christmas after all) - hey presto, a pair of lightly armoured recce vehicles for a modern/Sci-fi skirmish game.  Not bad for an investment for the pair of £2.60 plus paint and an hour or so of time.  Not sure of the scale for these vehicles, I think they are 1/84th but they look fine alongside based 15mm figures (see last photo), so I'm going to use them in that scale but suspect they wouldn't look too small alongside 20mm as well.

Thanks for looking!  Enjoy the rest of the holidays.


  1. Thanks Will. Happy New Year to you too!

    Cheers, Andy