Monday, 20 June 2016

20mm WW2 Winter German camo

It seems the current trend amongst my friends is to work on figures in winter camo, so I thought I'd give it a try.  I picked up a box of Pegasus Panzergrenadiers for Kursk and these are modelled wearing smocks, so seemed an ideal and relatively inexpensive way to test some techniques.  I block painted this rifleman in mid-grey trousers, ivory smock and helmet cover and NATO black boots, webbing and cartridge cases.  Beige brown rifle and grenade handles, black, dry brushed basalt grey for metalwork on rifle and boots.  German camo beige for rifle strap and bread sack, oily steel for mess tin, German camo dark green for gas mask case and flat brown with oily steel cap for water bottle.  German camo mid-brown for entrenching tool.  The figure was varnished with polyurethane varnish mixed with some Army Painter strong tone ink and based with sand on earth brown PVA glue.  I added some green static grass and a winter grass tuft.  Then the new bit; for the snow I mixed a little white Vallejo paint with some PVA glue and a sprinkle of bicarbonate of soda, making a slightly crumbly, almost sugary texture, which I daubed on to the static grass, winter tuft and parts of the sandy earth base.  I also used a little to dry brush his knees, backside, boots, helmet and equipment (but not his rifle - don't want him on a charge).

Front view.

Rear view.

Side view.

I'm quite please with the final effect.  I think the strong tone ink may be a little too strong, although the final, dirty appearance is probably more true to life than the Persil fresh look in illustrations.  I'll try another test figure and dry brush it a bit white to see if I prefer the final look.

I also had a play with my image enhancing software to see if I could get the colours any better, with this result, which seems to be truer to the real life figure.

As ever, thanks for looking.  If you have any suggestions for winter basing, I'd be pleased to hear from you.


  1. My goodness Andy, that's fantastic. That may be your best work yet, and that's really saying something. Certainly puts mine to shame!


    1. Wow, thanks Jack. Pleased you like it. I'm enjoying working on these winter troops. I have the rest of the section based and drying off and two more in the pipeline - makes a nice change to the usual field or mouse grey!

      Cheers, Andy