Tuesday, 18 October 2016

20mm WW1 vehicles

These last few days, I've been making an effort to finish off some of the Shellhole Scenics WW1 models that I picked up at Phalanx back in the summer.

This is the Shellhole Scenics resin and metal model of the WW1 Mark IV Austin armoured car.  It was relatively simple to build, although a set of instructions on their web site would have been tremendous.  It builds into a robust model which looks the part to me.  It has that satisfying "Heath-Robinson" feel for a lot of WW1 vehicles, especially with the twin MG turrets.

I painted this one in khaki grey, dry brushed Iraqi sand and ink washed in Army Painted strong tone.

Shellhole Scenics  also make a rather nice model of the Whippet tank.  Again, this is a resin and white metal kit, but this one required quite a bit of internet research to work out where all the parts fitted.  I was also disappointed at the way the white metal tracks fitted to the resin hull as once glued, there is a weakness which allows the tracks to bow in at the base and can result in an unwary moment for the whole model to come apart in your hands.  I found that industrial strength superglue did the trick - I suspect I could throw it across the room and it wouldn't come apart, but I'm not going to try.

This model is also in khaki grey dry brushed Iraqi sand.  Rusted exhausts and tracks are shown in orange brown, while the tracks themselves are oily steel with light orange brown dry brushing.

I'll look out for a suitable set of decals for vehicle numbers and I need a commander figure to put in the open hatch.  I have some batteries and water bottles spare from the Early War Miniatures Model T Fords that I'm working on and these will find their way into the external bins on the turret sides.

And finally, for this post, here is Shellhole Scenics version of the Garforth-Putilov armoured car.  This one is painted in bronze green, dry brushed Iraqi sand, washed with Agrax Earthshade and varnished.  This has an even more "Heath-Robinson" look to it.

Shown with a passing Cossack to give an idea of scale.

These models should work for late WW1 in the Middle East and for intervention forces in the Russian Civil War.  They will also provide some mobile support to the Empire Intervention Force in the Andreivian campaign next year.

As ever, thanks for looking.


  1. They look great- I'll add a Garforth-Putilov to my collection at the next show I see Shellhole at.



    1. Thanks Pete. Well worth it, a nice model, goes together well.

      Cheers, Andy

  2. Lovely selection. I have a selection of WW1 decals left over from the Emhar kits that might have something useful

    1. Thanks Will. If you have any spare decals, that would be great.

      Cheers, Andy