Tuesday, 20 June 2017

20mm 20th Century Buildings

In preparation for the SOTCW game at Gauntlet next month, it was time to organise some buildings suitable to represent South Vaagso during the Commando raid Operation Archery.  Contemporary photographs show a lot of wooden clapboard buildings, similar to those seen in eastern Europe and Russia at the time.  There are no contemporary colour pictures, so I've based the colour schemes on examples from places like Bergen, which I visited a few years ago.

At the Phalanx show last Saturday, I picked up a set of Blotz mdf buildings from Sgts Mess.  These were great value and relatively straightforward to assemble into really pleasing models.

This is Russian village building 2, painted in two tone blues.

Russian village building 1, painted two tone green.

A PoW barracks - I thought this would be useful as the barracks for the Garrison on Maaloy Island.  I painted this in buff, to represent freshly sawn wood.

Then a stone jetty, nominally for 28mm figures, but I think it works fine for 20mm as well.

A wooden jetty, similar scale to the stone jetty.

Then here are the 20mm Russian village buildings by Red Vectors, available from Pendraken.  First up, the large house.

Then the small house.

Then a barn/garage - maybe big enough to house the Pz I.

Another barn.

And finally a pig sty.

Then finally, here is the Airfix bomb-damaged workshop I picked up in a Christmas sale several years ago.  This is obviously a more substantial brick-built building, which will represent either the town power station or one of the larger fish oil factories that were the target of the raid.  The flagstones are "self-adhesive" from Metcalfe.  I placed the words self-adhesive in inverted commas as they were just tacky, but there is no way they would have stayed in place on their own - I had to brush them with PVA glue to get them to stick, with the added benefit that it acts as a protective coating.

With Will's collection of buildings, plus a scratch-built version of the stone hotel building that formed the HQ for the German garrison, being built by Richard P, who also has a useful lighthouse in 20mm scale, we should be just about there.

Thanks for looking.

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