Thursday, 21 November 2019

15mm US Shermans and tank destroyers

Getting ready for a 700 point Wacht am Rhine game tonight, so dusted off these models that I finished over the summer, but never got around to photographing.

Two troops of three 76mm Shermans - all from Battlefront I think.

A troop/battery of M10s.  Cheap, gun no better than a regular Sherman and open topped, so no match for German armour in a stand up fight and really vulnerable to artillery.  Did I mention they were cheap though.

Two of these were from the Battlefront tank destroyer box set, which came with 2 jeeps and an M20.

An M18 Hellcat.  Cheap, open topped and still not much better gun than a Sherman - again, not much use in a stand up fight.

An M36 Jackson - 90mm gun so at least a bit more oomph.  Still open topped and again not much good in a stand up fight.

M20 utility car with .50 cal.  Just realised - this one needs some decals.

Back these up with some on table 105s with a spotter team and pre-reg target, off table 3" mortars and a platoon of infantry and they should be able to put out some fire power.  Even 105mm howitzers can give a Kingtiger a bad day with a killing hit and a good dice roll.  Probably needed as I'm up against Tiger Phil tonight!!!!


  1. Looking good, Andy, always had a soft spot in my heart for the M-10s.
    And good luck against 'Tiger Phil'!


    1. Thanks Jack. True to form, Phil turned up with a Tiger 1, Jagdpanther and platoon of Panthers. Luckily, with a 105mm battery and medium mortar battery off table, I was able to keep him at arms length. I only managed to KO the Jagdpanther with a 105mm strike, but managed to pin the Tiger enough times that Phil had to draw chits to unpin, so the constant whittling down of breakpoint eventually added up. Lost a lot of the Shermans though, they are really no match for German 75mm or 88mm tank guns.

      Cheers, Andy