Wednesday, 12 February 2020

28mm Late Romans

Some time ago now I picked up a box of plastic Saga Late Roman infantry.  I bought a Scotti Saga army at Gauntlet in the summer, so figured I could get some games in with a sub-Roman mini campaign involving a Roman field force, Scotti and Anglo-Danish army (masquerading as Saxons minus the Dane axes).  In the run-up to Christmas I made a start on the Romans.

Armoured legionaries (1pt of Hearthguard).

Another unit of armoured legionaries.

Unarmoured legionaries or auxilia (1pt of Warriors).


Command group of general, dragon bearer and musician (Warlord).

The army so far.

So, I still have a unit of unarmoured legionaries and a unit of archers to paint.  I also bought a Gripping Beast box of 12 Late Roman light horse, assembling 6 as mounted archers and 6 as javelin armed.  Then I also bought some metal heavy cavalry, enough for a unit of heavy armoured cavalry and a unit of unarmoured medium cavalry.  I also plan to add a unit of super-heavy cataphract horse to the army as well.  I'm also tempted to add a box of Gripping Beast Dark Age warriors to use as Limitani in a Late Roman force or as sub-Roman Britons with some Arthurian cavalry.  Not sure how far down the route I'll go as I'm also keen to get a 20mm force organised for Battlegroup Pacific due out later this year (thinking USMC) and I want some 28mm Muskets and Tomohawks or pirates figures for at least one game of Sharpe Practice next year, set in an imaginary Indian Ocean.

Thanks for looking.


  1. They look great Andy. Just painted a few bases of Foundry Late Eastern Romans for a Hail Caesar army and I've got some more to do.

    1. Thanks Richard, I really enjoyed painting these although 28mm still seems outrageously big.

      Cheers, Andy