Monday, 6 March 2023

Hammerhead 2023

 Took a road trip last Friday to Newark with Will and we spent an enjoyable afternoon and evening boardgaming with Si G, Si H, Paddy and Garry over a bite to eat and a few drinks.  Saturday, we all went to Newark Showground for the Hammerhead event.

Got to say, the show was excellent, witha good selection of traders - more than I was expecting from the list of traders published beforehand.  There was also an excellent set of pre-loved seller tables, which changed several times during the day.  Many of the traders were asking very reasonable prices.

During the course of the day I picked up some SHQ figures from their Vietnam range, specifically packs of their Navy Seals, LRRPs and Green Berets, plus a .50 cal tripod MG for the regular US infantry.  I also picked up some Warbases Old West buildings and stagecoach, plus a couple of horses to pull the stage and a pack of Chain of Command markers.  Col Bill's provided a couple of pioneer wagons to use as Old West street scatter.  Grubby had some lovely 28mm resin prints of German WW2 motorcycles and sidecar versions, which will make their way into Dak Attack games as DAK Schutzen, as well as a very reasonably priced pair of Schwimwagens with late war crews (KG Peiper style).  I also rounded off my Late Romans with a box of Cataphracts from Gripping Beast.  Pendraken provided some 20mm pigs for my Red Vectors pig sty and a pack of 28mm sheep for Saga games.

Pre-loved purchases included a squad box of veteran SS Charlemagne metal figures and a box of plastic Fallschirmjager, as well as a bag with three sentry figures, one German and one Brit in greatcoat smoking a cigarette and one what looks to be a WW1 US sentry figure.  I also used my last £10 plus £2 in change to pick up an Old West Saloon, which cleaned me out of cash.

Some great looking games, some of those that caught my eye are shown below. 

All in all a good show.  Was very cramped and congested during the morning, but was much easier to move around after lunch.

Thanks for looking.

Epic scale Sci-Fi using 3D prints. 

VBCW canal/river crossing.

Really nice looking games using Old West terrain tweaked slightly to give it a 1920's setting.  Think Bonnie and Clyde, Paper Moon, etc.  Old abandoned stage coach in one of the back lots was an inspired idea.

A 1980's NATO vs Warpact game in 3mm scale, run by a couple of people including my good friend Mark Julian.  Nice looking terrain, which was stackable with lift off built up areas etc.  I didn't get a chance to see the game mechanism in action but it looked to be working well, even with the use of nuclear demolitions.


  1. Some great looking games and a nice haul. What rules was Mr J using?

    1. Some home grown rules developed by Mark and the chap he was playing with. Units were battalions and he said there were several divisions on the board, which seemed about right given number of stands.

    2. Oh interesting I'll have to see if I can get a copy 👍

    3. Be interesting to see how they play. Mark was happy with them, although did say they are a work in progress.

  2. I keep looking at Panzerkorps for some higher level gaming. At the moment the fact that I'd need to buy the core Panzerkorps rule book as well as Opfor to play Cold War games is deterring me.

    1. Looks to be £50-60 on Lulu for the pair. Afraid I've never seen them played and don't know anyone that plays. There's this one which is considerably cheaper, but never seen it played either.