Thursday 3 August 2023

20mm WW1 Turks in green

 Will offered to share the excess WW1 Ottoman Turks from his ebay win, so I took up his offer.  These are Hat figures painted up in green, using a recipe from Mark Hargreaves book.

I am quite pleased with the faded look and will probably have at least enough to do another 3 or 4 similar groups, although I'm tempted to try some of the other recipes in the book.

Nearly finished the 28mm DAK infantry and then on to their vehicles and some support weapons.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Replies
    1. Absolutely. Not sure if these are meant to be more for the Balkans, but they do break up the tan colours of the usual Ottoman kit.

  2. Excellent 👍 Very useful for future Tuzkhur Valley operations 😉

    1. Cheers Mr P. Thinking similar things. Looking now for suitable head swops to do Germans for the M East.

    2. I'm actually painting up some Britannia WW1 Germans to represent the Andreivian Legion. A group of German Andreivians equipped with surplus Western Front equipment

    3. Sounds great. Looks like my ME Germans will be head swopped for Airfix WW1 Brits in peaked caps, relatively good match and still in production, so good prices. Might even recycle the Brit bodies as I have quite a few Brodies left over from tropical head swops.