Saturday, 2 February 2013

USMC next installment

Well, I've finished the CASEVAC stand with the addition of a couple of sentries, medical orderlies and a doc in white coat.  For the record, the models used are a Heroics and Ros UH-1 (USMA407), a pair of Scotia Hummer ambulances (UM0024) and a Scotia M809 with generator (UM0077).  Figures are from various H&R sets, the doc is a WWII British officer.

 Also getting on with the repair and maintenance section - based on links supplied from my last post and suggestions on the BKC forum, I've set the unit up on a small field with a balsa tent, a couple of cooking foil draped balsa blocks for various engine parts, a Skytrex M88 (M879) and Scotia LVTP-R (UM0015) and LVTP-CATFAE (UM0086) plus a Scotia M109A3 (UM0061; M35 workshop van).
 Just need to add a couple of sentries and mechanics, stick down some foliage on the trees and drape a couple of cammo nets.
 Then, I've also been applying decals to my Marine Air Wing (MAW) assets.  I found this most frustrating as my eyesight isn't what it was and my fingers are starting to act more like sausages than anything else.  Anyway, I used a selection of decals from I94, available in the U.K. through Minibits and nice they are too.

F4 Phantoms (H&R USMA416)

A-6 Intruders (H&R USMA415)

AV-8b Harriers (H&R UKMA 302 - actually a British GR7, but close enough for me).

And, to guide them to the right place at the right time, a pair of NA Rockwell OV-10 Broncos (H&R USMA206) as transport for Forward Air Controllers (FACs).

Now it's on to the rotary wing assets.  I've also managed to base up another marine battalion and an assault engineer company.  So, just another marine infantry battalion to complete, plus some scout/recce stands.  Also I've got to get hold of enough BV206 vehicles to mobilise the infantry.

I'm also going to try and put together a model oil rig for the Arctic Strike game in April.  The deepwater Norwegian fjords were/are used to stack up drilling rigs when there is no demand for their services, so might make a good scenic item/objective/special forces objective.  Knowing my modelling skills, which haven't seen the light of day since 1979, the rig will probably be a bit rudimentary, but I'm going to base it on the Ocean Princess, as I was able to find some useful photos and information on dimensions on the web.

Thanks for looking.


  1. They're all looking very good Andy, I wonder if there isn't a kit available for the oil rig, I've seen a Revell 1:200 one but that may be too big, however some of the parts might be of use.



    1. Some ones done a guide to how they made the revell kit, it might help you see if its suitable.