Saturday, 20 July 2013

6mm ACW Confederate Zouaves

This morning I've just finished painting and basing some Baccus 6mm ACW zouaves, based for a Black Powder project at the local Deeside Defenders club.  As I'm collecting forces for the Confederacy, they are painted as Confederate zouaves, not common troop types and mainly present early in the war, but they break up the appearance of a sea of grey that a Confederate army normally presents.

Four regiments of zouaves from North and South Carolina.

 And again.
 North Carolina Regt in khaki/butternut jackets, beige trousers/pants, red shirt/cumerbund/sash/cap,
 South Carolina Regt, as above but white trousers/pants.
 South Carolina Regt, as above, beige trousers/pants.
 South Carolina Regt with blue jacket (?liberated federal uniforms), beige trousers/pants and red shirt/cumerbund/sash/cap.

So, with these I'm up to 10 infantry Regts, two mounted and two dismounted cavalry, 4 artillery stands and three units of skirmishers.  I now need to press on with some more conventional infantry units and some command stands.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Nicely done Andy, particularly liking the mustaches!

  2. Great work Andy they are looking really nice


    Richard P

  3. Cheers guys. They make a nice change from modern and WW2 cammo.

    Mustaches were fun to do, the original mold has just enough raised detail to get them on - makes them look truely fearsome!