Sunday, 14 July 2013

More 20mm Taliban

Almost managed to finish off the Underfire Miniatures figures that I bought at Phalanx.  Just one Chechen ATGM team with AT-5 Kornet/Spriggan team (Chechen 3) to finish.

Taliban 1 - rear left to right, standing leader with binoculars and RPK SMG, SAM-7 and standing figure with AK-47.  front running figure with AK-47, masked figure with AK-47 and crouching figure with RPG-7.

Taliban 3, rear, two standing firing AK-47 (one bareheaded), front two kneeling firing a PKM MG and an AK-47.
The Taliban 2 pack is in an earlier post.

So, for Andreivia, so far I've put together a militia force comprising 8 generic militia, 8 Chechen militia and fourteen Taliban fighters.  With the Chechen Spriggan ATGM team this will take my militia forces to 32, enough to keep me busy for an Arc of Fire game, although I will need to thicken up the forces for an irregular force against any professional opposition, especially for games like Force on Force.

By the way, for the first time in ages, the light is good enough outside today to take these photos without flash in my back garden!!  We're currently enjoying our first sustained spell of sunshine for 3 years!!

Cheers for looking.

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