Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Late war British odds and ends

I'm still trying to clear some of the odds and ends on my painting table to make room for the winter projects.  Here are some late war British vehicles.

Four DUKW transports, ready to carry supplies across the Normandy beaches or over the Rhine.
 The DUKWs in more detail.
 A pair of Leyland Hippos - heavy transport vehicles I thought would make ideal transports for infantry bridging units for a Market Garden scenario.
 A Hippo in more detail.
 Caterpillar D-8 tractors/dozers doing some heavy engineering work.
 A D-8 in more detail.
 A Humber LRC (Light Recce Car) - recce stand for an infantry battalion.

Lots more on the way as I'm both clearing up a lot of the dusty corners of my painting table and reorganising storage, so I have a chance to dig out the western desert kit and press on with my 21st Panzer Normandy project, as well as 1980's French and 20mm Fallschirmjaeger and modern insurgent forces.

Thanks for looking!


  1. They look good Andy, I do like the way you've done the dozers.



  2. Thanks Richard. I just need to find suitable crew figures - it's a shame there isn't one modelled on the vehicle!