Saturday, 14 September 2013

Monty's Caravan in 6mm

So, the ultimate British CO stand, Monty's Caravan from Heroics & Ros new models range (H&R B117), complete with Monty himself, General (for Normandy)/Field Marshal (until the end of the war) Bernard Law Montgomery.  The ultimate CO for 21st Army Group.  Probably way too high a level of command to make it close to the battlefield, but it's a nice model and makes a good CO stand or at the least a little diorama objective marker or just a piece of scenery.  The Humber 4x4 heavy utility vehicle (H&R B086) isn't part of the set, I've added it for some additional interest.

The difference in the colour of the vehicles is interesting, at least to me, as they are both painted with Vallejo Russian Uniform.  The Humber 4x4 is painted over a black undercoat using normal consistency paint straight from the bottle.  Monty's Caravan is undercoated in artists white acrylic gesso and washed with a thinned down version of the paint, followed by an Army Painter strong tone ink wash.  I much prefer the white undercoat finish to the black.

 The two figures are interesting.  Monty is in his Denizen paratroopers smock or sheepskin jacket (I've gone with the latter option), plus black beret with two silver badges.  The officer appears to be standing pretty rigidly to attention - perhaps he represents Horrocks trying to explain the slow progress towards Arnhem, or either Hinde or Erskine explaining Villers Bocage - in any case he looks to be sweating under his collar.

A really nice crisp model from Heroics and Ros.

Thanks for looking.

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