Wednesday, 26 February 2014

15mm Plastic Soldier Company PzIIIs

I've been assembling and painting some Plastic Soldier Company tanks for a mid-war Flames of War game planned for the next gaming weekend at the Deeside Defenders.  I picked up a pack each of the PzIII and PzIV packs and I must say I'm impressed.  These work out at less than £4/vehicle and they are pretty straightforward to assemble.  I've put these together as the Ausf G or H and painted them up using DAK colours, although the game they are going to be used for is loosely based on the Soviet assaults on the German lines around Stalingrad during the initial encirclement.  Meh, close enough!

Anyone familiar to Flames of War will recognise this historical war winning tank deployment which characterises many a FoW game.
 The platoon commander closest to the camera.
 A more "top down" shot showing the detail of the tools and various other bits and bobs modelled on the hull of the tank.
 Another view.  I use Army Painter inks, rather than the dip, and these wash really nicely without pooling/clumping, leaving nicely graded shading, which can be seen on the turret tops in this view.

Now I'm working on their bigger brothers, the PzIVs, which I'm painting up in the more traditional late war tri-colour scheme.

Thanks for looking.

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