Friday, 21 February 2014

Dystopian Wars FSA air fleet

To complement the FSA surface fleet, and to augment the two A-17 bombers in the starter pack, I added a Valley class airship and a Savannah class skyfortress.

The Valley class airship.
 A closer view.
 The Savannah class skyfortress, listing badly in this view.
 The A-17 bombers from the original fleet set.

For the authentic Victorian feel I've gone with lots of brass, copper, oily steel and gunmetal, as well as the red, white and blue patriotic colour scheme.

They had their first outing in their new livery recently against Pete's Chinese fleet, coming out with an honourable draw - those Chinese dreadnaughts are tough what with their jade armour and dragonbreath.

Thanks for looking.

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