Friday, 5 September 2014

First 28mm Saga figure

I finally managed to get the first of my Saga army onto the painting table.  This is something of a first for me as it is my first ever 28mm figure, first Gripping Beast miniature and first Dark Ages figure of any kind.  Although the army I have to paint is Anglo-Danish, this figure is a Saxon warlord.  I've painted him to look quite important, with bejewelled scabbard and sword hilt as well as gold trimmed clothing to suggest he is a person of high rank, perhaps an exiled Saxon noble or even a pretender to the throne of a Saxon kingdom.  I used Vallejo paints and varnish on the figure.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with the way he's turned out.  Now I just have to work out how to mass produce figures to get multiple units painted up.  This has also given me the confidence to paint up the Warlord Games ECW Battalia that I received as a Christmas present last year.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Well done Andy, amazingly I've managed 50 28mm's in the past two months which is the most I've ever done. I've ignored all this pressure to paint every figure to an excessively good standard and gone for the what looks good at the usual distance you'll see the figures on the table.


  2. Looking good, my painting skills are ok, but were far too slow to achieve any sort of force (18 ECW musketeers in 18 months!) until I started using the army painter dip stuff. I'm still slower than Aidan who knocks out 28mm armies for fun - might to worth seeing what his secret is (apart from not sleeping!).

  3. Thanks guys. I'm certainly going to have to get up to speed with churning these guys out. I've got the Saga Anglo-Danes plus the ECW Battalia and a load of Bolt Action Russians so might have to invest in a tin of dip. I used an ink wash on the warrior to get some shading. Cheers, Andy