Saturday, 13 September 2014

Force on force game

A couple of weeks back I got my first club game of FoF in and got my Taliban/Chechen insurgent forces out for their first proper outing.  The scenario was Black Hawk Down out of the rule book, but the game was set in the fictional ex-Soviet state of Ukrovia so was retitled Red Hawk Down.  I should say that the Ukrovian Civil War dates back as an imagination game several years, well before real world events started catching up.  The game was set up by Mike and Dave generously brought along the scenery, figures are mainly Ian's and mine.

A write-up of the game by Dave Williams from the club can be found here along with more details on the Ukrovian Civil War.

Initial deployment - 4 insurgent groups in houses on edge of village, 1 regular section bailed out of the downed helicopter with rescue forces arriving on table to the left of the downed helicopter.

Leg infantry arriving at the far end of the table - turn 1

Insurgents open fire, hoping to do some damage to the troops advancing in the open.

A few light wounds result.

Later, a motorcycle and sidecar with mounted LMG takes hits from an insurgent group and the crew bail.

A fast mover goes supersonic over the battlefield and this scares the insurgents so badly they flee the wadi, which they were using to cover their advance on the downed helicopter.

More insurgents fire on the advancing infantry, causing a heavy wound on the central squad.

Mayhem caused in the insurgent ranks by soviet return fire.

The closing scene.  The few surviving insurgents have fled the village, leaving the field to the regulars.

A big thank you to Mike and Dave for organising and providing the scenery, and to Ian for playing the regulars.  I think FoF will figure regularly on my play list in the future.  Thanks to you for looking.


  1. Great looking game and liking the fictional Ukrovia.

  2. Thanks Richard. A case of life imitating art, as Ukrovia has been going on for several years now. The guys play big battles in 6mm but do al the stealth stuff, like putting in concealed observer teams and spiking artillery and the like using FonF. Works really well. Cheers, Andy

  3. Sounds like something to think about for future CWC games. I recently bought Force on Force plus the Cold War Gone Hot and the Bush Wars books, Haven't had chance to play yet but fits nicely with the Arc of Fire stuff we use for Andreivia.
    Cheers Richard

  4. Interesting touch to use the DPM camo as playing mat ;)

  5. Thanks BG. I can't take any credit as they are club cloths. We have a variety in various shades of green and beige/yellow, as well as cammo patterns.
    Cheers, Andy