Saturday, 7 February 2015

20mm UK police

Armed British police officers from Elhiem (BAOR12/13/14).  They are armed with SLRs, Sterling SMGs, M1 carbine, G3, mini14 and pistol.  As they represent police of the 70's and 80's, they reflect a more sexist time, as the female officer carries nothing more dangerous than a radio handset.  I might have to add some of the figures from Underfire Miiniatures as they reflect more modern police officers, including armed female officers.

These were undercoated light grey, then painted NATO black, dry brushed black-grey.  Trousers and, in the case of the inspector on the right, coat sleeves, were then dry brushed medium grey.  Shirt sleeves were painted ivory.  Flat flesh for hands and faces and the WPC's legs.  Washed with Army Painter dark tone ink diluted 2:1 with acrylic thinner.  Faces and hands were highlighted in flat flesh.  Aluminium was used for cap badges and the inspectors shoulder pips.  Weapons are NATO black, dry brushed basalt grey.  I used dark tone ink undiluted on the WPC's legs to simulate the effect of semi-transparent nylons and added some flat red for her lips - well a girl has to look her best even if WW3 or the zombie apocalypse breaks out.  I have to say that painting the black and white checked pattern on the hats and the WPC's scarf was tricky and accomplished with much cursing.

A typical scene outside many military bases, especially in the 1980's, were armed military gate guards (in this case an SLR armed MP from Elhiem BAOR17) accompanied by police officers, usually unarmed though from my memory of the guards outside the old RM barracks in Stonehouse, the Royal Citadel in Plymouth or Bickleigh Camp on the edge of Dartmoor.

I guess there were similar sights in Northern Ireland, although the police officers would have been wearing a dark green RUC uniform.

The two MP figures from BAOR17, sporting some very topical moustaches, characteristic of the troops seen in archive images from the Falklands and also to be found on the top lip of yours truly in the 1980's.  These are painted as I did for the BAOR NBC section posted earlier.

These will be great for urban unrest, sci-fi (thinking Dr Who and UNIT here) and zombie scenarios, as well as protecting key military structures in the U.K. home area in the event of the cold war warming up.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Love the moustaches, they look like the 118 fellas :-) Great work.
    Richard P

  2. Cheers Richard. I found an old 1986 photo of me sporting a very luxuriant tash. Could have given Tom Selleck a run for his money back then.
    Cheers, Andy