Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Die-cast 20mm Taliban technicals

These are die-cast toy cars, Matchbox Datsun pick-ups and a pound store Ford pick-up.  The crews are Taliban AA HMGs (Dushkas) from Britannia.

Vehicles were undercoated light grey and then painted black green or ivory.  They were then distressed by dry brushing areas likely to be scrambled over or scraped with gunmetal.  Then specific areas were washed with strong tone ink mixed with a little orange ochre to simulate rust.  Windscreen and windows were painted azure and dry brushed white.

Figures are Blu-tacked in place, but I need to get some stowage to help hide the bases.

From the back.  You can see the dark red highlighted door, simulating a visit to the scrap-yard to replace a shot up original door on the Ford.  The Datsun branding was added in black grey or ivory.

Hopefully these will be making an appearance in Andreivia at the end of March.

As ever, thanks for looking.


  1. I've got a similar collection, will have to post soon.

  2. Look forward to seeing them. Were they in use in your last FoF battle report with Boko Harem? They looked great if they were.
    Cheers, Andy

  3. Great work Andy, loving the rusty Datsun and the red oxide primed door. Look forward to seeing them in March. Do you have a link to Beast44a AAR's?
    Richard P

  4. Hi Richard,

    Thanks. Got three squads of Elhiem USMC half way through varnish coating so will get them posted ASAP.

    Link to Beast 44a's blog.

    Cheers Andy

  5. Those look Great Love the Rust work looks real:-) Greyson in Va. USA