Tuesday, 17 March 2015

15mm French Napoleonic Hussars

I managed a trip to WMMS in Wolverhampton on the 8th March, along with Phil and Will.  Had a great day, apart from yet another fire alarm evacuation just after lunch, but by then I had spent out and seen most of what I wanted.  My big purchase on the day was various battle packs of Napoleonics in 15mm that I had pre-ordered from Lancashire Games.  Included with this was a battle pack of French Hussars, 24 riders and horses, of which I have painted two lots of six.

The first unit represents the 1st Hussars for the Waterloo campaign in sky blue uniforms.

The next unit represents the 4th Hussars in Royal Blue uniforms with red pelisses and the officer in a red uniform.

The two units in line, 1st supporting the 4th,

A close up of the rear of the 4th Hussars.

The 4th Hussar stand with officer in red.

These were loads of fun to paint.  I took my inspiration from Phillip Heythornthwaite's Uniforms of Waterloo, plus various internet sites.  Nice to be painting some brightly coloured miniatures as a break from NATO green or desert MARPAT.  More pictures of French infantry to follow as I'm getting a force ready to play Black Powder at the club this Thursday.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Wow, you're kicking'em out on a regular basis now Andy, and they're looking really good. I'm jealous; I'll never finish if I don't start painting them ;)


    1. Thanks Jack
      I've been on a mission to get my Napoleonics rebased and ready for a game on Thursday, so plenty of reasons to get a move on. It also gave me an excuse to get some more raw metal and get going. I love the colours and the spectacle of a table covered in Napoleonics is one of the best sights in wargaming for me.
      Cheers, Andy

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Will. You'll be able to see them on the table on Thursday if you're around. Probably fit you up with a command if you haven't got a game on!
      Cheers, Andy