Thursday, 2 April 2015

15mm AK-47 Republic battle photos

Some photos that have been lurking on my mobile phone for several months, this was my first game of AK-47 at the Defenders club in Broughton.  My USMC figures were organised into two units on foot, supported by a platoon of three M60s, courtesy of Poundstretcher and repainted in Desert colours.  Tanks directly support the infantry on the edge of the built up area top right and unsupported infantry advance through the light woods lower left.

US marines advancing cautiously through the woods.

The enemy defensive line.

The whole board.

A flank advance from APCs on the marines left flank.

Fighting heats up on the marines right flank with buildings hotly contested.

Marines about to close assault the defenders of the old Ottoman fortress on the hill top.

This game was slow to get going as there were lots of explanations and questions due to the steep learning curve needed to get to grips with this new, to us, set of rules.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Andy,

    Good stuff, the Marines always look sharp ;)

    AK-47 has always been something that seemed cool to me, something I wanted to try/look into, but it will be awhile as I'm having too much fun with the stuff I'm currently using, and I don't have time for any more!

    How'd you like the rules, what'd ya think? Your forces looked great, but I absolutely love the irregular stuff Peter Pig has. I've always said that if anything could get me to do 15mm, it would be PP's AK-47.

    Take care.


    1. Thanks Jack,

      The jury is still considering its verdict on AK-47. We haven't played enough to decide. The rules are quite straightforward and pretty easy to pick up, but the key thing is they are written to be a "fun" game. This means they lack some of the subtleties which, for some, make games more interesting. For example, snipers aren't covered, more modern ATGMs and tanks aren't really catered for (although the rules are written for conflicts in the 60's and 70's), etc. However, we are enjoying the few club games we've laid on so far, so I'd say it's worth trying them. If you've played any of PPigs other games you'll probably be familiar with most of the game mechanics.

      We're going to look at the Flames of War Cold War variant when it comes out, at leas they will be adding some new vehicles/figures into the mix.

      Cheers, Andy