Sunday, 3 May 2015

6mm British attack helicopters.

After reading Richard C's helicopter resurrection blog (link, I decided to order myself some of the Hurlbat rotors (link  I placed an order on Thursday evening just gone for 3 Lynx rotors, 1 Gazelle and 3 AH-1 rotors, plus 7 tail rotors (completely forgot the Gazelle didn't need one as the tail rotor is built in to the tail.  Got an e-mail on Friday to say they had been shipped and postie popped them through the letter box on Saturday afternoon.

I've painted up the three Lynx and Gazelle, all from Heroics and Ros, in light sea grey and NATO green camouflage, with azure glass picked out with white reflections, and black hand drawn ARMY markings plus royal blue and flat red hand drawn roundels.

The Lynx flight plus Gazelle spotter overfly a recce squadron moving up to join the fight for Hannover.

One of the Lynx in more detail.  The rotor is mounted on a copper wire pin that I drilled and superglued into the rotor hub of the model.  The rotor hub has a blob of black paint added and the etched rotors on the plastic disc has been washed with Army Painter dark tone ink.

The Gazelle in more detail.

One of the Lynx from another angle.

Final view of the flight overtaking the recce squadron.

These rotors are well worth the effort of adding to the models as they really do bring them to life.  I think they will be making an appearance on all my future helicopter projects and also I'll start to add them to my existing USMC and French helicopters.

Thanks for looking!