Wednesday, 5 August 2015

6mm 1985 British Lorried TA infantry battalion

This is the last of the battalion-sized battlegroups planned for my 1985 British force destined to fight in the Battle for Hannover, this September at Deeside Defenders in Broughton near Chester.

It is a TA lorried infantry battalion with three infantry companies, each supported by an MG and a Blowpipe stand.  Battalion supports include 81mm mortars, Milan ATGM, engineers and scouts.

A Company, HQ, three infantry and an MG stand in Bedfords and a Blowpipe in a 1 tonne landrover.

B Company, as above.

C Company, as above.

Battalion CO and supports.  Front row, Milan ATGMs and 81mm mortars in 1 tonne landrovers plus engineers in Bedfords.  Rear row, battalion CO, recce landrovers and scout infantry.

Scouts and recce landrovers.

81mm mortar teams - borrowed from the Mainforce WW2 British range.


Milan teams - only two in the TA battalions!

The battalion CO.

These guys are going to be garrisoning built up areas, woods and river crossings or other installations as they lack the AT firepower to take on Soviet tanks, but are great at holding terrain.  These hobby soldiers will need to be winkled out of their defences or bypassed, with all the associated problems that will bring to the red horde.

Now on with the upgrade to my Rapiers and various engineering assets.  Then is there's still time, extra Chieftain and FV432 battalions, as I happen to have the models, largely the result of a Bring and Buy purchase at Phalanx and another at Gauntlet.  I must also remember to post my pictures of the Lance batteries, always useful to deter some of the worst Soviet excesses!

As always, thanks for looking.


  1. Nice work Andy, they look great. September is going to be a superb game.
    Richard P

    1. Thanks Richard.

      Yes, looking forward to it - not long to go now!

      Cheers, Andy

  2. Very nice indeed. Is the infantry Mainforce?

    1. Hi Prufrock, thanks.

      Yes, most from the Mainforce modern British range, some modern Germans and the mortars are from the WW2 British range. They are more costly than others available, but are virtually indestructible and they store really easily in compartmentalised trays.

      Cheers, Andy