Saturday, 25 July 2015

Joy of 6 2015

Sunday 19th July dawned in Cheshire as a gloomy, wet, blustery day, more in keeping with November than July.  I found myself aquaplaning on our glorious motorway network on the way to Birkenhead to pick up Ian Shaw (no harm done fortunately), before retracing my steps past Chester and across the Pennines to Sheffield (which was fun).  Best bit was trying to find a parking space other than an NCP car park charging nearly £20 for a days parking.

Having arrived, what a treat Jo6 was.  All the traders in 6mm you could wish for, with the exception of Scotia.  Loads of really inspirational demo wargames, ranging from ancients through to sci fi.  Richard and Jamie Crawley, Richard Phillips and Steve Graham had already set up the table when we arrived so it was a case of unpacking the troops and getting them on the table.  We had agreed that the aim of our (Cold War Commanders) demo game was to showcase the excellent terrain (chiefly due to the two Richards and Steve) we use in our 6mm mega games (next one is the last weekend in September at Broughton near Chester) and the sheer volume and all round niceness of our cold war forces, as well as have fun and engage passers by if they were interested.

As an aside to the main part of the day, my US Marines, 2 battalions in LVTP-7s and 2 companies of M60a-3s were tasked with advancing along the line of the road beside the fjord on the right of the view below, to nip out the Soviet beachhead in Bjerkvik in the right distance.

USMC armour advancing past a POMCOS supply and storage facility with cover from Seacobra gunships.

Soviet naval infantry in wait with T-55s coming through the town.

The Swedes making an supporting appearance on the left flank of the USMC

Swedes again.

Oblique view of the battlefield with the amphibious forces landing at Bjerkvik, lower right.

USMC armour and amphibians start down the road to Bjerkvik.

Seacobras pass the POMCOS site.

Infantry debus as supporting armour clashes with the T-55s pushing north.

T-55 column with vanguard deploying in the built up area.

A USMC close assault has failed to oust the T-55s in the village, but M60s have flanked the armour and start to take a toll, as do A-6 air attacks.

The roar of low flying B-52s remind the Soviets that NATO will reply to chemical/biological weapons with their nuclear deterrent.

A fun day out, lots of goodies purchased and a win on the prize draw were the highlights, although we were chuffed to win the "most friendliest game" category and stunned to come joint second in the "best game in show" category.  I have to say, the scenery was stunning.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of other games, but there were some fantastic layout including Waterloo, Great Northern Wars, ACW, WW1 and WW2 games on the go (the GNW game was my favourite, but the ACW game was great too).

Will definitely be there again next year.  Thanks for looking.


  1. Absolutely awesome Andy, thanks for posting! I wish I could have been there, it looked like a great game. I do have one bone to pick: whaddaya mean the Marines failed in a close assault!? Choke yourself! (hopefully you get the movie reference) ;)


    1. Cheers Jack, if Gunny Hartmann had been there I'm sure they would have done better. It was a fun day out but the game was all about showcasing the toys and terrain rather than the game - although there were some good tank battles between the M60s and T-55s.

      Cheers, Andy

  2. Excellent pics! Thanks for posting.

    1. Cheers, Andy.

      It was a great day out.


  3. Hi Andy,
    Great pictures of a great day. Same time same place next year!
    Richard P

    1. Definitely! Looking forward to it already.

      Cheers, Andy