Wednesday, 1 July 2015

15mm German panzergrenadier company part 1 Command and PAK 40 platoon

The last couple of weeks have been something of a 15mm marathon.  Phil has passed over to me loads of late war Brits and I picked up quite a few bits and pieces from Paul at the club too.  With my new found storage solution from Figures in Comfort, it made sense to fill the boxes and make room for other things, hence the intense 15mm activity.  First up though is another project for Phil, this one rather more time consuming - a Battlefront Panzergrenadier company box set.  He asked me to prioritise the PAK40s and Panzerschreks, so here they are.

First up today are the three guns of the PAK40 platoon.  As per the box artwork, these guys wear camo smocks and helmet covers, although I also painted camo trousers as well, rather than the field grey suggested.

One of the guns in more detail, together with the platoon command stand (these guys I did paint in field grey trousers).

The command stand, in slightly more detail.

A better view of the PAK40 command stand.

The CO and 2iC stands (CO on left with orders in hand and cameraman taking newsreel films.

The 2iC stand.

The CO stand - I wonder if Goebbels will like what he sees.

A slightly less oblique view of the CO and 2iC.

Two panzershreck stands.

Not bad models to paint, quite a bit of excess metal to trim off, which can be a pain on gun barrels etc.  Overall though, quite nice.  Will have to see how the infantry go now.

Thanks for looking.

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