Friday, 17 July 2015

6mm 1985 British Mechanised (wheeled) battalion

Getting ready for the big Cold War Commander game (The Battle for Hannover) at Broughton in September, here is a Mechanised (Motor) Infantry battalion, mounted in Saxon apcs.  A and B Cos are left and right foreground, C Co. is rear left, Batt HQ is at the very back centre, with the 81mm mortar platoon in front and the Milan AT Co rear right.

A Co., three infantry platoons with Saxon transport at the front, Co HQ rear centre, Blowpipe MANPAD rear left and MMG support platoon to the right, all mounted in Saxons.  B and C Cos are organised identically.

Mortar platoon, two stands of 81mm mortars in Saxon apc transport.

The Milan AT Co., six sections of Milan, 2 in each Saxon transport.

The battalion HQ with command group, Saxon transport and landrover for extra transport capacity.

Just one more significant formation to complete, a TA lorried infantry battalion.  Thenit's on to the engineering support and some additional air defences.  All vehicles are Heroics and Ros, while infantry is from Mainforce (Magister Militum).
Thanks for looking.

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  1. Wow Andy, I marvel at your rate of production lately! You are really kicking stuff out left and right. I didn't comment on that post (my apologies), but the 15mm Napoleonic project is coming along quite nicely as well, and those French troops look great.

    It's kind of cool to see the wheeled Brits here; not something you see often. Usually folks are going for the 'sexier' troop types. That's going to be one monster game!