Thursday, 17 March 2016

Elhiem Cold War British

I finished the BAOR figures I bought from Elhiem in their Christmas sale.  Here is a full platoon in patrol poses, three sections of 8 and a platoon HQ of 4 or 5.

Part of the platoon HQ, left to right officer, RTO and sniper.

The rest of the platoon HQ, a light mortar gunner and an NCO with Sterling.

The fire support gun team with GPMG gunner and assistant, plus an SLR rifleman.

The rifle team with 4 SLR riflemen (including NCOs) plus a Sterling armed Charlie G gunner.

A dog handler, complete with German Shepherd.

Higher level (Co or Batt) commanders.

More command figures with the RSM.

An advanced optics spotter team, at the back an RTO and spotter with binoculars, at the front the officer and a rifleman.

Various manpack support weapons, at the front a Charlie G gunner and a Blowpipe launcher, at the back a LAW gunner.

I've still to add a platoon from Britannia Miniatures and that should give me a full company, enough to fill a table in 20mm I think.  I must say, it will be good to get the last of the DPM figures complete as it's quite time consuming, although does give a pleasing effect to the models when they are finished.  Again, these will finish up in the Falklands, Centag, Northag and even North Wales in our Winter of 79 campaign.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Those look great Andy, makes me want some even though I don't need them! Certainly very versatile, you should get plenty of use out of them.


    1. Thanks Jack. They definitely look the part - I should be getting them on the table the weekend after Easter.

      Cheers, Andy