Saturday, 3 September 2016

6mm modern Soviet airforce additions

I've been trying to get my miniatures collection stored in a more efficient and less space consuming way, so have been delving through the lead mountain.  This has had the side effect of putting a smile on my wife's face as parts of her conservatory come back into view.  For me, it's put me face to face with various unstarted and partially completed projects.  So, I've started to go through them to decide whether they are going to be sold on or completed.  One timely find was a large box of unpainted modern aircraft in 6mm, which had lain neglected since I picked them up on the bring and buy at Gauntlet in 2015.

Without further ado, here are three Mig-21 Fishbeds ("Balalaikas").  I'll use these in the ground attack role in Cold War Commander, so have painted them in a tricolour camo scheme based on some images I found on Google.  I went with a sky blue underside colour, not sure how correct tht is, but you don't really see underneath as a player when you're trying to blast a NATO tank company out of a wood.

Another view.

Then here are three more Mig-21s in a uniform aluminium finish.  I thought these better represent an earlier scheme (1960s-70s) or in a fighter role.

Another view.

And finally, for this post, a Yak-28 Brewer, which I will use either as a tactical bomber or an ECM aircraft.  I again went with a three colour camo scheme of sand, green and earth as random splodges, again based on a 1980s/90s image on Google.

Another view.

A better perspective of the camo scheme.  There is something about this aircraft that really appeals to me, it looks like it was meant to move quickly, which of course it was.

So, that more than doubles my Soviet airforce and trebles my Soviet fixed wing aircraft.  There were many more in the box, which I'm sorting and, in some cases, trying to identify both aircraft type and manufacturer.  I think all of these are from Heroics and Ros.

As ever, thanks for looking.


  1. Cool Andy! I love the MiG-21s, both the camo and the silver. But I gotta disagree with ya: that YaK-28 is ugly as hell! ;)


  2. Thanks Jack. I like the Fishbeds too, especially the camo versions. I've also got some Czech ones in grey and I'm working on a pair of Su-7s, which I'll post pictures of shortly. Got a flight of Warthogs ready too, suspect they will be next posting.

    Cheers, Andy