Wednesday, 7 September 2016

6mm modern US aircraft

Continuing from the previous post on Russian aircraft, here is a flight of four A-10 Thunderbolt IIs (Warthogs).  Again, these were in the bring and buy box from Gauntlet.  I painted these up using the three colour scheme from the Team Yankee rule book, although I used Russian uniform, Gunship green and mig-grey.  The front two aircraft are from Heroics and Ros, the two behind are from another manufacturer and while OK are not great.  Whereas the H&R versions are modelled with hardpoints for weapons load outs, the other two aren't, so will probably be retired when I get around to buying the weapons loads.  I'll probably add decals when I do the load outs.

The Heroics and Ros models.

Another view.

Unknown manufacturer.

Another view.

As ever, thanks for looking.


  1. Excellent Andy, that ought to scare the hell out of any WarPac commander. I wish I had your discipline to stick with a project and keep adding to it, you must be able to throw the entire armies of NATO and the Warsaw Pact on the table at this point!

    And I agree, the HR models look a bit better, though I don't think it will matter on the table top, I think the Commies are just going to see a flight of four Hogs rolling in and wet themselves ;)


    1. Thanks Jack. Based on my experience of Cold War Commander and Team Yankee, air support seems to be overrated, either that or there is too much air defence. With the Soviets bristling with Shilkas and various SAMs and NATO with Dusters, Chapparals, Rapiers, Rolands and Gepards, the poor air force don't stand a chance. We played a big game of Team Yankee on Saturday and none of the seven players chose aircraft and the Soviets managed to roll some air support (3 Frogfoots) from Divisional assets, which was promptly shot down by Rapier. I'm thinking of keeping mine in the box until some simple rules address using things like Wild Weasels or ECM to neutralise air defences.

      Cheers, Andy