Saturday, 11 September 2021

20mm WW2 German artillery support

Some on table artillery support for my late war Germans.  A pair of 105mm Howitzers, guns are from Zvezda, crew are Britannia/Grubby in camo smocks.  Guns are basecoated in middlestone lightened with Iraqi Sand, green stripes/blebs are Luftwaffe camo green with German Field grey to tone down the green, and armour brown, lightened with mid-brown.  All washed with Agrax Earthshade and dry brushed with Iraqi Sand.  Uniforms are cork brown with Luftwaffe camo green splodges, dotted with German camo light green.  Boots, webbing and metal equipment is black-grey.

Gun No 1.

Gun No 2.

Then a 150mm Sig 33 infantry gun and crew from Britannia/Grubby, painted the same way as the 105s.

I've also been working on some US paratrooper supply carts and I've still to photograph the winter Fallschirmjager platoon.  Still to come off the workbench are an Airfix 88m with SdkFz 8 tractor and more APCs for 21st Panzer.

Thanks for looking. 

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