Friday, 24 September 2021

20mm WW2 German winter Fallschirmjager

 I've had these in the completed pile for some time, but needed to add magnetic bases to get them stored away.  Having done that, it was time for some photos.  These are from the recent Mars set and provide a selection of Fallschirmjager in padded winter clothing.  I've based them in the standard late war organisation with three rows of 5 man rifle groups (rear right) and three MG34 teams of three men rear left.  The front row is a command rifle section of 6 men including the CO, plus a 2 man panzershrek team (front left) with an old Airfix figure with arm in sling as a No 2 gunner.

Most are painted in variations of white or mid-grey to reflect their winter patterns, with the off figure in a Luftwaffe camo smock of beige, green and brown.

Close up of the CO and radio operator.  Odd pose with the pistol pointed into the air, perhaps he is signaling with a flare gun.

Each rifle and command section is also equipped with a panzerfaust for local AT defence.

Quite nicely animated figures from Mars, with some annoying, but manageable pieces of flash, mainly close to faces and ankles.  The figures hunched and leaning into their shots look nice and lively, as does the figure leaning into a trot with rifle across his hips.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Excellent! I have a pack of those in the paint queue.

    1. Cheers Mr P. I've now got a box of the Mars tropical fallschirmjager, so feel a Ramke battlegroup about to get going.

      Cheers, Andy