Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Cold War Commanders Grimsby 2021 Table setup

By the time we arrived at the Grimsby Wargames Club, Richard, Steve and Andy had pretty much set the entire table up.  NATO were defending a stop line somewhere in Jutland, with a USMC amphibious brigade from 4th division, brigade from 1st British Infantry Division, West German panzer grenadiers and assorted Danish home guard and a mechanized brigade.

The eastern end of the table from Warsaw Pact deployment area.

USMC deployment area.

1st British deployment area - a hotly contended region with converging road networks from the Soviet side of the table.

The airfield formed the western edge of British 1st infantry deployment.

Areas defended by W German panzergrenadiers.

Danes deployment area, facing attack both from the sea and from the Soviet table edge to the right.

Another scene of hard fighting involving Spetznaz, for control of the bridge.

More airfield shots.

The harbor.


More harbor - I'm sure from the shape of the bay there should be more interference and reflection of wave fronts with ladder-back wave crests.  But seriously, the terrain was fantastic.

So Friday night was Curry night and a relatively early night, ready for the following day.


  1. Don't you start on the wave forms :-)
    Great photos, look forward to see the rest as the weekend unfolded.
    Cheers, Richard P

    1. Sorry, couldn't resist. Those were awesome tables to play on and it was great to see everyone enjoying rolling some dice after so long. Great to see so many new players as well. Looking forward to the next one.
      Cheers, Andy

    2. Thanks mate. Just ordered a few more of the wood hexes plus some of the stand alone ones. That should give us plenty for future games.