Monday 5 February 2024

Battle of Montgisard 1177 Lance and Longbow Game Vapnartak 2024

 It was Will McNally's turn to organize the Lance and Longbow Society participation game at Vapnartak 2024.  As usual for Will, he opted for 20mm/1/72nd scale plastic figures.  With the smaller scale, the table could accommodate more troops, which helped give the table an "epic" appearance.

Will had chosen Montgisard 1177 as his battle, one I'd heard little about before, but turns out to have been a major Crusader victory, thwarting Saladin's plans for the next decade.  A small Crusader force managed to surprise the Muslim army, with the result that they had to stream out of camp without the usual preparation of donning armor and forming up in the usual way.

Rules used were Lion Rampant, with some adjustments usual for the L&L participation game, with the main difference being that Crusader spearmen could opt to kneel, allowing the crossbowmen behind to fire over their heads - very nasty.

Saladin's right flank and part of the centre, with tented encampment behind.

Turcopole skirmishers on the Crusader's right flank.

And again for some reason.

Part of the Crusader centre, spearmen backed by crossbowmen.

Bedouin skirmishers on Saladin's left flank.

Turcopoles and Bedouins skirmishing.


Crusader mounted sergeants and knights.

Askaris from the Islamic army.

Crusader infantry pushing forwards.

Turcopoles, the closest unit being close to exhaustion.

More Crusader infantry.

Islamic infantry following up behind their mounted troops.

Knights about to charge Islamic Askari.  The Askari have beaten up the mounted sergeants which have been pushed back behind the knights, so they are no move this turn.

During the course of the day I played in one full game, and a half game where we just played one wing and I was assisted by a lovely young lady of 7 or 8 with some deadly dice rolling.  I also watched another game when I was able to take these pictures.  Will's forces looked great and there were lots of nice comments from players and passers by.  Lots of nice comments about his scratch built tented encampment.

Link to Will's Blog

I was relatively restrained, a box of Deus Vult Mongol horse archers to be used as Steppe/Nomad light horse allies for my Late Romans, some Monks and Pagan priests for my Late Romans and sub-Roman Brits, a handful of Cataphracti to finish off a unit for WAB and some mounted horn blowers for my Late Roman cavalry, plus a box of dice.  A great day out in good company. 


  1. Thanks Andy, have added a link on my blog

  2. Excellent game chaps. Sounds like a decent haul there Mr C 👍

    1. Thanks Mr P, usually an entertaining game from Lance and Longbow and Will's figures are always a pleasure to play with. I've already assembled the horse archers, just not sure whether to use the Mongol style hats or leave them shaven headed. Painting up a couple of the monks at the moment.