Saturday 29 June 2024

Zulu War Column

Not much posted recently as I've had to have a bowel resection after a nasty blockage.  Very painful and a long convalescence. Feeling better now, but not over it yet.

We managed to play a Zulu War game today with the British pushing a column deep into Zululand.  6 supply wagons drawn by oxen were escorted by 8 British infantry companies, a unit of Natal Native Contingent, together with units of Frontier Light Horse, Natal Natives and Natal Police, all on horseback.  Si G drew the left flank with three units of infantry, a Gardiner gun and the mounted police.  I drew the right flank with three infantry units, an artillery piece and the mounted Natal Natives.  Mark was overall commander with two infantry and an NNC unit, plus a unit of Frontier Light Horse.

We got off to a quiet start making good progress.  On the approach to a drift, a small unit of Zulu warriors and rifles appeared on the left flank.  Si dealt with them, but two units of infantry were charged by Zulus with some loss of personnel.

The wagons took an age to cross the drift, but did so safely and the British were within sight of their goal at the far end of the table when Zulus appeared to their front left.  Over the next handful of turns, Zulu warriors appeared to the British front, then right flank and finally at the rear of the right flank.  My infantry and artillery formed a rough line while Mark's leading units and Si's left flank wheeled around the wagons to face the oncoming Zulus.  It was clear we had encountered an impi with the right horn to our front and the head and loin piling into our right and rear.

Good British shooting and artillery fire dwindled the Zulu numbers, bit not before the Zulus managed to charge home against Mark's infantry and then against mine.  Bayonets, with some guts behind them, pushed the charging Zulus back, but not before one of my infantry companies was very badly mauled.

Eventually, all the carts exited the board and the British forces formed a line which gradually fell back towards the target table edge.  Despite significant losses, British pluck had won through!

Thanks for looking.


  1. Wow, this battle looks incredible! Which rules set did you use for your game?

  2. Great to hear you're back at the table Mr C 👍