Tuesday, 21 January 2014

French Armoured Division 1985 - various assets

Continuing the French 1985 theme, I've managed to get some photos of last weeks efforts on the workbench.  First up, two AMX-30 GCT 155mm artillery regiments, each of three batteries.  Huge barrels on the models, I'll have to think about how to store these.  In front are a pair of AMX-10P command apcs, doubling up as FAO stands attached to the HQs of each armoured regiment in the division.
 The two FAO stands in more detail.
 Corps AA SAM battery, three stands of AMX-30 Roland vehicles.
 Two AMX-13 DCA AA stands for close-in air defence.
 An armoured anti-tank company - three AMX-10 with HOT ATGM.  There seems to be a general concensus that these vehicles weren't actually used by the French military and that they preferred the VAB HOT or Milan armed apcs.
 The 120mm mortar company from a mechanised infantry battalion, with their AMX-10P transports.
 One of the 120mm mortar stands in more detail.  These should give the mechanized infantry some useful indirect fire support.

There are still lots of things still waiting their turn for painting in the box, including the two mechanized regiments and a VAB infantry battalion, various recce and engineers, helicopters and fast movers.  I'll need to get some more of the Mainforce infantry stands to complete the various units, perhaps at Vapnartak at the end of the month.

Thanks for looking.

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