Friday, 17 January 2014

French Armoured Regt Mechanised Co 1985

Here is the mechanised infantry company which makes up the final component of the Armoured Regiment.  The company comprises three infantry platoon stands, one Milan II stand (square base), all transported in four AMX-10P apcs, plus a VAB 81mm mortar platoon stand at the back.

 One of the infantry platoons supported by the AMX-10P stand.
 As above, together with the Milan II stand.
 The VAB 81mm mortar platoon stand.
 The complete regiment - four armoured squadrons, a mechanised infantry company and two HQ stands.

The mechanised company stands still need static grass added and they are effectively complete.  Infantry are Mainforce West Germans doubling up as French.  AMX-10Ps are Heroics and Ros (FM04).  The VAB is probably Scotia (thanks Richard).   All painted as per the previous post on the AMX-30s.

On the kitchen table are the models for another Armoured Regiment identical to this.  Then it's on to the mechanised infantry regiments and the divisional and corps supports.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Hi Andy, looking good, should be quite a force when completed.

  2. Hi Andy, great work, looking forward to more. If the VAB with Mortar is one of the ones I sent you I think they were Scotia not GHQ. Thats going to be an impressive sight on the fields of West Germany in September.
    Richard P