Wednesday, 23 April 2014

DAK in 15mm

Here is my 15mm force for Flames of War or Blitzkrieg Commander.  It represents a Grenadier Company with various supports.  Front row (L-R) are 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grenadier platoons, plus a command group with CinC and 2inC and four AT rifle stands.  Middle row (L-R) MG platoon, Mortar platoon, 50mm PAK38 AT gun platoon and PzIII tank platoon.  Rear row (L-R) recce platoon of two Sdkfz 222 and one 223, Sdkfz251/B platoon and Afrika Schwere Pz platoon of two Pz III and two Pz V ("big cats"!).

The whole battlegroup.

The panzers, all by Plastic Soldier Company.

Command, CinC and 2inC plus AT rifle stands.  Infantry figures are a mixture of Peterpig and Skytrex 2014.

1st Grenadier platoon

2nd Grenadier platoon

3rd Grenadier platoon

MG platoon with one spare MG stand

Mortar platoon with commander and observer

PAK 38 platoon from Battlefront, actually a Gebirgsjaeger platoon painted as DAK

Zvezda Sdkfz251/B platoon to convert a Grenadier platoon into Panzergrenadiers

Recce platoon, Sdkfz 222 from Zvezda and a 223 by Battlefront.
To wrap up the unit I have two Battlefront Sdkfz 10/5 2cm AA vehicles assembled that need painting up and the unit is complete.  I just need to add some rocks and static grass to the stands for a bit of variety and the unit is complete.  They will then be ready for a mid-war Africa FoW campaign at the club starting next week.
Thanks for looking.

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