Monday, 28 April 2014

More 1980s French in 6mm

Back to my 6mm gear over the weekend.

First up are a maintenance stand and medical evac stand for the big game at Broughton.  The maintenance stand comprises a VAB Genie and an AMX-30B recovery vehicle, both by Scotia (FM33 and 43 respectively).  The medevac stand comprises two VABs, I think by Heroics and Ros (FM05), painted with Red Cross markings.  The engineer vehicles need a little more detailing to finish them off, mainly the yellow dot NATO weight markings that I've put on the rest of my vehicles.

The medevac stand in more detail.  I'm assuming these vehicles are carrying wounded to a suitable temporary helipad for aerial evacuation.

Next up are various helicopter assets.  First up a Heroics and Ros Alouette III attack helicopter (FMA401).  For variety, I've painted these in the three colour camouflage scheme that seems to have come in to widespread use at the end of the 80's, but I'm stretching the scheme a little forward to 1985.

This is the Gazelle attack helicopter (H&R UKMA401).  The model is unarmed, but represents a TOW armed aircraft, so I may try and scratch build some tubes either side of the fuselage to represent the TOW launchers.

The Puma transport helicopter (H&R UKMA403).

All the helos need French roundels and an "armee de terre" added to the fuselage, although I suspect these would be painted over in wartime.

I've ordered a few more French models from Heroics and Ros and Scotia to complete some light armoured battalions equipped with AMX-10RC and ERC-90 Sagaie, which will allow me to field the Daguet Brigade from the 1st Gulf War in 1991, although these forces are destined to appear in another theatre altogether!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Can't wait to see this force take to the table in September. What colours have you used on the helo's they look great?
    Richard P