Wednesday, 11 May 2016

20mm Zvezda Soviet Motor Rifle AT-7 team

Continuing the Soviet/Russian theme from my last post; basically while I can still find the Russian Green and green grey paint pots, this is the Zvezda Motor Rifle AT-7 team.  Three figures, the AT-7 gunner and two assistants with spare rounds armed with AK-74s, one still carrying spare rounds on his back, the other has dropped his spare rounds next to the AT-7 gunner.  Minor assembly required but nothing too tricky.  Based and primed using my usual style, they are painted with a khaki grey wash, Russian Green body armour, helmets, AT-7 and weapon tubes.  NATO black boots and AK-74s.

Correction added; AT-7, not AT-4 (duh!).

As ever, thanks for looking.


  1. Nice job Andy, like the chap with the spare rounds on his back.

    1. Thanks Richard, just noticed it's an AT-7 team, not an AT-4, must be getting old!

      Cheers, Andy